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General Permission Note 2020

OPTIONAL School Shirt

We have engaged a company called BME Group to design new polo shirts and hats. These shirts and hats will be an optional addition to our uniforms, not compulsory. The polo and hat have been based on the fantastic artwork by one of our students, Myah. The design includes features of our local area and cultural aspects.

We will be placing an order for our (optional) School shirt in Week 2, Term 2, Friday 10 May 2024.

The cost of the shirt is $35

The cost of the hat is $25

The cost of the Bundle (Shirt & Hat) is $55

If you would like to purchase both the shirt and the hat, BME has offered a very generous discount of $5

(A special first order discount from an Ed Trust contribution of $10, will reduce the cost to $45)

The polos are $35 each and can be ordered using the order form on the back of this sheet. There is a sizing guide below. Most students were able to try on a shirt and the estimated size has been included for your child if they were at school on the day.

Matching hats are $25, or you can purchase them both together for $55. As a special first-time purchase, we are offering a once off discount of $10, reducing the cost of the hat and Polo to $45. This offer is only available on the bundle, and it is a reduced cost due to an Ed Trust contribution


General Permission Note

General Permission Note (PDF 240 KB)

PBL Contract

PBL Contract (PDF 348 KB)

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